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Download this file (CB  Query and Email Guide.pdf)CB Query and Email Guide.pdfLearn to email a group of clients using a LVL2 query829 kB
Download this file (CB Agent sign Guide.pdf)CB Agent sign Guide.pdfAgent Sign- Difference between Profile and ResCard1925 kB
Download this file (CB Covid Cxnl Rebook Guide.pdf)CB Covid Cxnl Rebook Guide.pdfLearn to put a cxnled ResCard on Hold for later use816 kB
Download this file (CB Remark and Attachment Guide.pdf)CB Remark and Attachment Guide.pdfLearn to add Remarks and Attachments to Res Cards187 kB
Download this file (CB Service Fee Guide.pdf)CB Service Fee Guide.pdfFee Guide for Consultation, Cruise, Tour, etc. 473 kB
Download this file (Invoice Gift Card payment in CB.pdf)Invoice Gift Card payment in CB.pdfGift Card Invoice guide1200 kB