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  • The humble Hong Kong snack that's popping up around the world
    30 July 2020
    When I decided to write a story about the origins of Hong Kong bubble waffles -- also known as "egg waffles" -- I thought it would be easy.
  • The world's best places for swimming
    20 July 2020
    From isolated English beaches to plunge pools in the Costa Rican cloud forest. When the time's right to get traveling again, these are some of the planet's best places to take a dip.
  • One woman, four men and weeks in Norway's Arctic ice
    17 July 2020
    The summer before I turned 40 -- with my fertility ebbing, as everyone with a vested interest in such things felt the need to remind me -- I decided to set sail on the biggest adventure of my life.
  • Epic 14-year road trip stalled in South America
    30 July 2020
    Road warriors Karen Catchpole and Eric Mohl had rattled in their trusty Silverado for 14 years from the top of the Western Hemisphere in Alaska to the bottom of South America. They were in Patagonia in western Argentina when the microscopic kibosh came down: Covid-19.
  • You can now explore a 2,500 year old shipwreck
    03 August 2020
    Greece has opened its first underwater museum off the coast of Alonissos. Attendees can explore the remains of an Athenian merchant ship by sea or by virtual reality.