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  • 'We were the only airplanes in the sky'
    08 March 2021
    Half the planet's airline pilots are grounded while the other half must navigate a strange world of wipedowns, swabbing and quarantines as they try to stay safe while keeping continents connected.
  • Exploring the beauty of Indonesia's dragon archipelago
    07 March 2021
    Manta rays hover, wings pulsing, on the fast currents of the Flores Sea. Komodo dragons, earth's largest lizard, skulk in the scrubby forests of Komodo and Rinca. A peachy sunrise illuminates the rugged flanks and slender spine of Padar Island.
  • The race against time to save Pompeii
    07 March 2021
    From saucy artwork to graffiti that changes everything we know about Pompeii, the last few years have seen discovery after discovery emerge from the ruined city. That's because the first major archaeological digs at the site since World War II have been started in a race against time to protect the remains -- and prevent looters.
  • UK destinations brace for tourist pandemonium
    06 March 2021
    Destinations across the UK are preparing for an influx of domestic tourism when Covid-19 restrictions lift. After months of lockdown, there's a feeling of relief, mixed with concern about potential chaos when UK tourists are let loose.
  • Sex, Nazis and da Vinci: The hidden history of Italian rice
    05 March 2021
    It was the movie that added sex appeal to the gritty neorealist film period and made a star out of actress Silvana Mangano.