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Traveling with Covid Instructions from Mark Jr

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Download this file (Hawaii Safe Travels Application.pdf)Hawaii Safe Travels Application.pdfHawaii Covid Guise375 kB
Download this file (Mexico Arrival Information and Forms.pdf)Mexico Arrival Information and Forms.pdfMexico Covid Guise277 kB

River Cruise Specialist Program

Must be complete to be included on River Cruise phone rotary.   Updated April 2020

Helpful information 

AMA Specialist - From the SIGNET site,  search for 'AMAACADEMY"  

AMA Block Space Training (3+ minutes) No Certificate.  In SigNet, search for "AMAWaterways Block Space Program"

UNIWORLD University  (click on this link)

U River Cruises

Viking Training  (6+ hours)  Click on this Link

Avalon Training (5 chapters, approx 90 minutes)

River Cruise Microsite  / Microsite Guide  Go to Signet website and search for "Microsite River Cruise" and click on the 'Supporting Documentation'. 



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Download this file (2014_Murielles_EMILIA_ROMAGNA.pdf)2014_Murielles_EMILIA_ROMAGNA.pdfEmilia Romagna Italy by Murielle 85 kB
Download this file (2015_Murrielle_Paris_bus69.pdf)2015_Murrielle_Paris_bus69.pdfBus 69 - Top sites in Paris by Murielle29 kB
Download this file (2015_Paris_Murielles_doc.pdf)2015_Paris_Murielles_doc.pdfParis - Murielle\\\'s Suggestions16 kB
Download this file (Murielle_LON_free_2015.pdf)Murielle_LON_free_2015.pdf101 Free things to do in London204 kB
Download this file (Tvl_Versailles_from_Paris_Murielle.pdf)Tvl_Versailles_from_Paris_Murielle.pdfVersailles From Paris by Murielle46 kB